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Here is a List of Regular Maintenance Recommended, to ensure the best results from your vehicle:

  • Follow All Manufacturer's Scheduled Mileage Inspection Checks
  • Change Engine Oil Every 2000-2500 Miles
  • Service Transmission Every 35K Miles
  • Check Tire Pressures Weekly
  • Check All Vital Fluids Weekly
  • Replace Worn or Un-evenly Worn Tires, and Re-Align Front End
  • Have Cooling System: Anti-Freeze Checked Every 50K Miles
  • Avoid Excessive Revving of Engine
  • For Standard Transmissions; at Stops Put In Neutral and Take Your Foot off of the Clutch Pedal
  • Use Non-Ethanol Gas
  • Use "Seafoam", or "B12 Chem Tool" Additive Once a Month, if Non-Ethanol Gas is Not Available
  • Regular Tune Ups Every 35K Miles
  • If Using Ethanol Gas, Have Fuel Filters Checked Every 10K Miles
  • Have All Unusual Noises Checked Out As Soon As Possible
  • Have Trouble Codes Diagnosed As Soon As Possible